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Welcome to Asona Cuisine

Bold, Fresh, Delightful  Cuisine with Unforgettable Flavors

Who We Are

At Asona Cuisine, we create meals from Ghana, West Africa that are fresh, delightful and savory.

Corned Beef, Peas & Carrots Plate with Basmati Rice, Salad and Sweet Plantains

Chicken, Mushrooms and Olives Bowl on a bed of Basmati Rice with Salad

Black-Eyed Peas Bowl with Sweet Plantains and Salad 

Our Food

From traditional Vegetable Stews such as Spinach Stew (Kontomre), Bean Stew with Fried Sweet Plantains (Red Red) to Spiced Sweet Plantains (Kelewele), we create meals bursting with flavor yet mild to the palette.  For a delicious dessert, try our Jamaican Spiced Bun or Bofrot (Puff Puff). If you want to spice up your meal, there is Shitto, a spicy sauce from southern Ghana made with shrimp, fish, red peppers and other spices that bring the heat.

Chicken, Mushroom and Olives

Veggie Stew w/Peas and Carrots

Asona Taco

BBQ Chicken Oval.jpg
Chicken Mushroom and Olives Plate
Sweet Plantains
Asona Corned Beef Taco on Naan
Veggie Stew Oval.jpg

Chicken w/ Asona BBQ Sauce

Fried Sweet Plantains

Corned Beef Stew w/ Peas and Carrots

Corned Beef Plate Oval.jpg

Black-Eyed Peas w/Fried Sweet Plantains

Red Red Oval.jpg

Spinach Stew

Spinach Plate Oval.jpg


2373 NW 185th Ave Ste 695 Hillsboro OR 97124


Jamaican Spiced Bun

Jamican Spiced Bun

Our Schedule

Lunch: Tuesdays - Thursdays: 11am - 2pm
Tuesdays - Thursdays: 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: Events, Street Fairs and Markets

Visit our calendar to find out where we will be next

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